Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blog Post 1

A Bit About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Christie Mason. I am 40 years old, originally from Hattiesburg Mississippi, happily married for 15 years, have two daughters, and two grandchildren. I like to think of myself as a young grandmother and a student who has a bit more life experience. I have a very outgoing personality, sense of humor, and I never meet a stranger! My hobbies are collecting antiques, gardening, reading, crafts, and I love anything southern!

I have often felt that I should have been born and become a mother in a different time. Many friends tell me that I seem like a 1950's housewife with my love of antiques, weekly cleaning schedule, volunteer activities, and cooking hot meals each night; right down to wearing my grandmother's vintage aprons. This was a huge compliment, as I always found pleasure in caring for my family. Now that my children are older (13 and 21), I have decided to do something for myself. It has always been my desire to become an elementary school teacher. After many years of substitute teaching, I have chosen to pursue my dream of obtaining my degree in elementary education.

I am both excited and encouraged to learn the skills which EDM310 offers, as I know they will provide me with the tools needed to be a successful employee and engaging teacher. When I reflect on school days of "Turn to page this and read that. Now answer questions this through that at the end of the chapter", I still roll my eyes and get bored! Teachers are now so fortunate to have creative, useful technology at their fingertips. Why would we not use these tools to get students excited to learn? We've all heard that this class will require a lot of our time. Anything worth having is worth working for. I encourage any student reading this to become excited, determined, and confident! This experience will make us better teachers. Let's do this ya'll!

Time Management

Randy Pausch's video gave me the reassurance that I am already doing several things to effectively manage my time like keeping a planner and making a to-do list. One suggestion Mr. Pausch made was to do the thing you dread first in order to have it out of your way. This is something that I will definitely implement!

Mr. Pausch looked familiar to me. As he spoke, I realized that I had seen his story on ABC's news program 20/20. His upbeat attitude, passion for life, love for his family, and fight against pancreatic cancer was inspirational.