Friday, July 13, 2012

Final Report on PLN

PLN Wordle

Where to start.... The amount of information I have learned in this class and the sources I have learned to obtain information from are overwhelming. Once someone realizes what a PLN is and what it can do for you as an individual committed to becoming a life long learner, you feel like you have discovered a priceless treasure.

There are many technological methods that I am quite fond of, use on a daily basis, or anticipate using when I begin teaching in my own class. I had never heard of many of these methods and tools when I first began EDM 310. Podcasts, Twitter, Symbaloo, and Blogging are some of the things I have enjoyed the most. I plan to continue blogging and building my Twitter contacts as I complete my education. Dr. Strange's assignments have already connected me with numerous kind, helpful, passionate teachers with wonderful ideas. Becoming a part of a network community like this excites and encourages me. When we were first received the assignment of forming a PLN I hardly had any tiles on my Symbaloo page. Now, I have added so many extraordinary sources and blogs that I am about to begin a second page! This reassures me that I once I leave the nest of EDM 310, Dr. Strange has taught me to fly on my own. I know to continue to research, stay connected, and remain informed of updates in technology.

I discovered a wonderful blog that sums-up everything I just said and offers even more ideas. Barabara Sakamoto appears to have a great aspect of PLN. I have already bookmarked her blog and followed her on Twitter. I'm including a link to her blog post and encourage you to read it. I loved the way she outlined the evolution of PLNs for teachers. I hope you enjoy it!

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