Monday, July 9, 2012

Progress Report: Final Project #16

ipad kids

Personal Progress Report

With so much going on toward the end of the semester, it has been a challenge to focus on Project #16! Our group has been working on the individual contributions for the i Book as well as collaborating via email. My Sentence video and Book Trailer are both complete. I have submitted my chosen blog, #7 PLN, for my group's review and recorded my personal video about the most important technology tools I think I will be using when I teach. I have started collecting my 10 pictures which relate to members of my family and family history. I have now moved on to choosing a single picture to annotate and researching the steps to do this. 

Our group has made plans to meet on Wednesday, July 11th to begin to put individual things together. I am definitely beginning to see that someone can't just sit down and create an i Book. Extensive thought and planning is put into a project like this. As I become overwhelmed, I try to remember that if a group of third grade students can produce one of these, I can too.  

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