Saturday, July 14, 2012

Project #13


Group Collaboration

My group members were myself, Mary Anderson, Angyl White, and Angelia Gafford. We couldn't have found a more perfect fit. We were like a hand to a glove, pb&j, peas and carrots, you get the picture. We all worked together to come up with ideas, delegated tasks and responsibilities, and worked to fulfill those requirements on time.We could not have made all of these things come together without one thing: COMMUNICATION.

We had several face-to-face meetings which were always fun and productive. In between those meetings, we used several different ways to communicate. I would say our most common method was gmail. This allowed one group member to address a question or concern to everyone at one time. We could then all see each other's responses and address the issues. Texting became a tool we used on occasion. If we were away from our computer, it was always easy to send a quick text to ask a question or remind someone of something. 
Google was used A LOT! We depended on Google for research, ideas, and pictures to use in our projects. Of course, we also used our I Phones to tape the Smart Board project #15 and portions of Project #16.
I just don't know how people got things done back in the day. All of these tools allowed us to work together without always having to be together to get things accomplished. Thank you Technology Gods!

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