Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blog Post #4

Flat Stanley App

Teaching the Millenial Generation

In researching this assignment, I learned that anyone born after the year 1980 is referred to as a "Millenial". These people have always lived with the effect of technology in their lives. Whether it's cell phones, desk-top computers, lap-top computers, gaming devices, reading devices; I think you get the picture. Technology has always been at the fingertips of this generation for convenience and entertainment. With that said, why would you not use it in the classroom?

Flat Stanley by Jim Brown is a wonderful children's book which encourages the students to use their imagination. I have seen many creative projects centered around this delightful book, but never one as exceptional as the Flat Stanley Podcast by Ms. Tolisano's first grade class! Instead of completing a writing, research, and report project, the students were able to bring Flat Stanley's adventure to life through their individual podcasts. The children used accurate geographic facts and lots of enthusiastic expression while recording their stories. Ms. Tolisano also points out that through this interactive process, students are more engaged and comprehend materials. This project has shown me to think outside of the traditional box when giving assignments to my students. 

Joe Dale's blog offered numerous advantages of podcasting which I had never even considered. I now see the benefit of podcasting lessons and test reviews. These can be posted on my teacher blog for parents and students to access for study purposes. This is also beneficial when a student is absent and would otherwise miss the material. When assignments are given to groups, the students enjoy role playing, comprehend, and retain what they have learned. The exciting thing to me as a future educator is the fact that this is easy enough for first grade students to achieve and it can be applied to any subject. I can't wait to put these practices into my own lesson plans some day!


  1. Hey Christina! Your post is well written and states the summaries of what you've read. I like how you address the topic of the Millennial Generation. I absolutely agree that we are because we have SO many technologies and the technology world is growing every day! Also, I've never read Flat Stanley but it sounds like a good children's book. I will have to look that one up! I love how children can do podcasts all by themselves. Education has already changed so much from when I was in elementary school. I can't wait to use all these new technologies in my own classroom. It sounds very exciting! I'm glad we are being exposed to all these resources about the different kinds of technologies so that we can go back to them when we start teaching on our own and teach our students what we learned. I will definitely be visiting Joe Dale's blog again I'm sure. I like how you said the podcasts would be beneficial to absent students that way they can go back and watch the lesson or assignments. I enjoyed reading your blog! Courtney Blackmon

    1. Thanks for commenting, Courtney. I agree that we are fortunate to learn of so many useful tools to enhance our teaching someday. Joe Dale had some remarkable suggestions. I bookmarked his page and have already started a file of useful ideas to have on hand. I remember when my youngest daughter read Flat Stanley and did her project. It was fun and exciting, but nothing nearly as exciting as the students who created their podcast video. Thanks for visiting my blog, and good luck with the rest of the semester! Christie

  2. Great job, Christie! Written with just as much spunk as the previous ones! And I even looked up the Flat Stanley app to show my niece, who is eight. She will love Flat Stella. So thanks for sharing the image, I wasn't aware they had made an app for it, but I had to look it up :) here is the link I found that said more about it: http://bit.ly/NJ6miy
    Keep up the good work and positive outlook!

  3. Thanks Carly!! Reading your comments make me feel so good about the hard work I have done. My daughter loved Flat Stanley! She cut-out, colored, and mailed hers to her uncle in New Mexico. The kids got to share the adventures of each Flat Stanley and enjoyed the lesson. I can only imagine the fun they would have had with the app or podcast! I'm glad your niece had fun and I will be sure to look up the link you sent!