Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blog Post #9

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What I've Learned This Year

As a person who has always dreamed of becoming a teacher and a student diligently working to make that dream a reality, I have often envisioned my teaching experiences in my mind; what my classroom will look like, discipline and incentive policies, teaching techniques to help my students reach academic excellence. The actuality of first year teaching experiences seems to hinge less on what I have envisioned, and more on points that Mr. Joe McClung reflects upon in his post outlining his experiences as a first year teacher. 

This blog assignment required we read 2 of 3 posts, summarize, and comment on them. After reading the first post about Mr. McClung's first year teaching, I had to read both of the other posts. I then subscribed to his posts and saved At the Teacher's Desk website on my PLN. His first blog seemed like he was speaking directly to me. I am an organized person who has a plan for everything and thinks everything should go a certain way or the earth will spin off its axis! Unrealistic expectations can impose undue stress upon teachers. I need to be prepared to let go of control issues and be ready to go with the flow. Mr. McClung also stressed the importance of listening to students, not having unrealistic expectations for students, and continue learning. This information seems much more important than classroom decoration and organizational skills.

Blogs 2 and 3 were reflections on his second and third years teaching. Accepting the fact that you may not always have the opportunity to teach a subject you're interested in and discovering a solution to make the best of that situation was a great piece of advice. He also gave insight into some of the drama that exists among teachers/administration. Becoming aware of these instances, avoid becoming involved, and keeping your focus on your students will benefit you and your students. I enjoyed a realistic view of teaching and learning the ropes of working with administration and co-workers. I'm sure everyone's first year experience is a little different, but it sure is nice to have an idea of what to expect and prepare for.


  1. You are so right! The advice he offers in so much more beneficial than classroom decoration and organizational skills! I learned the most from the teacher I student taught for, my departmental head, and my dad (a high school principal). His blogs were very realistic and all so true!

    Great Job and Happy 4th!

  2. Hello Christina,

    Awesome reflection. These lines especially caught my attention:
    "Unrealistic expectations can impose undue stress upon teachers. I need to be prepared to let go of control issues and be ready to go with the flow." It's so hard to let go and let things flow organically in the classroom, particularly if we have those pre-planned concepts about how our classrooms should look and run. Sometimes our ideals don't work out in practice.
    Again, great post.

    1. Thanks Bailey! My personal goal after reading this assignment and your response is to have a classroom that flows organically. I love that!