Sunday, June 24, 2012

PLN Project #10 Progress Report

My Personal PLN
Christie Mason Initial PLN
PLN Progress Report

When I first researched this assignment and explored Symbaloo, I was a bit skeptical. We already have tool bars and can bookmark favorite websites. However, after watching several videos, reading the opinions of teachers who regularly use this tool, and experimenting with Symbaloo myself, I must admit I'm hooked!

Customizing a "Personal Learning Network" provides users with the convenience of having everything from personal interests (music, itunes, facebook), regular shopping sites(amazon, ebay, etsy), and sites regularly used for teaching(Tech4Teachers, Edu Rethink, & History Lesson Plans). The beauty of using Symbaloo is that it can be customized for any individual's personal needs and interests. Another benefit is that users can choose to keep their Webmix private or make it public. When a public setting is chosen, individuals can share their ideas and resources with those who have common interests and needs. 

I first imagined this would be an assignment which I would complete and move on from. Once again, Dr. Strange has shown that there are technological resources which benefit everyone, especially teachers. Can you imagine how many pieces of paper or file folders I would have to keep organized to access these resources? What if I left my file in my classroom and I wanted to work on my lesson plans over the weekend? With Symbaloo, much like Google Docs, I can access my information from anywhere! I'm surprised and happy to say that I have a much higher grade on this progress report than I initially expected!

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