Sunday, June 10, 2012

Blog Post #3

Scary Peer Review

Positive Peer Review

Giving a positive peer review is a big responsibility. Classmates depend on your opinion and suggestions to aid them in their pursuit of a quality assignment. Taking peer reviews seriously show that you care enough to help a classmate. This is not only the right thing to do, but is also important because you just might need someone to review your assignment some day.

I especially enjoyed the video "Writing Peer Reviews Top Ten Mistakes". The kids were so cute and funny! The fact that students of this age can comprehend the concept of proper peer review and put together a video with examples of improper techniques speaks volumes. College students should have been conducting adequate peer reviews for some time.

Lindsay Parvin has been my assigned classmate for blog review/peer review. Lindsay is a student who is working toward her master's degree. She is an experienced teacher and exceptional writer. With all of that said, there was not much guidance that Lindsay needed from me. I enjoyed exchanging points-of-view with her as well as the comments she left on my blog. 

Technology in Special Education

Technology in the classroom is a vital tool for Special Education students. These students are often times closed-off from the rest of the world. Technological tools like lap tops open the doors of communication, providing an enriching learning experience. All students deserve the same educational experience. This is now possible with the assistance of modern devices.

I was extremely impressed with the techniques used by the Special Education teacher in the video. She was creative in her implementation of technology and utilized many tools including ipods, laptops, and power point videos. She encouraged her students and allowed them to speak for themselves. The pride and happiness they felt was shining in their faces. These devices should be available in all classrooms for Special Education students.

Educational Apps in the Classroom 

There are many apps which Apple currently has available to assist Special Education students in their learning experience. "Conversation Builder" can enhance the art of communication in autistic students. This app helps students expand their conversational vocabulary and learn to respond appropriately while participating in conversations. An exciting feature of this app is the ability to record a student's learning session. Some advantages of this feature are that students enjoy hearing themselves when played back, and sessions can be forwarded to parents or IEP administrators to monitor progress. I believe that this app would become extremely important to some Special Education students. Holding conversations with family, teachers, and peers can help these students feel like a part of the world they live in.

Harness Your Student's Digital Smarts

Watching Vicki Davis' video outlining her approach to digital learning inspires me to sharpen my technological skills. It is truly amazing how she has opened the world up to her students in rural Georgia. Her students are learning to interact with students from other countries while learning a vast array of technology programs. Students who are fortunate enough to take Ms. Davis' class will have possibilities and opportunities available to them that they may not have had otherwise. She is an example of how one teacher can truly make a difference. 

I can only imagine how my educational path may have been enriched if I had a teacher like Ms. Davis. As a future educator, the example of this type of learning environment encourages me to produce something similar. The students were excited, engaged, interactive, and not only seemed to be applying what they learned, but teaching others as well. Anyone who watches this video can understand that the age old learning method of pencil and paper are no longer effective or sufficient. In order for students to be prepared for a life and career in today's society, they will need the knowledge and tools that Ms. Davis is providing in her classroom. 


  1. Christie,
    Hi! You are my new appointed blogger. I like how organized your writing is in your blog post for this assignment.
    I also really enjoyed the video "Writing Peer Reviews Top 10 Mistakes!" It cracked me up! I think one of my favorites was the picky patty; she was so nit-picky!
    Lindsay is in my group and it has been an enjoyable experience to have her as a member in our group. We were discussing how different our personalities are today in the sense that secondary teachers-her being one of them are more sarcastic; whereas elementary teachers are not. (I have a hard time finding the words to describe us, but we are a lot different!) Are you secondary or elementary?
    I agree with you when you mentioned in your blog the use of pencil and paper only is not going to cut it anymore! But, oh how I have craved a pencil and paper in the past two weeks with this class. ha ha
    See you in class in a few weeks!
    Happy Blogging,
    Brittany Collins DeFalco

  2. Hello Ms. Brittany! I can see that I am going to like you right away! You seem to be just as fond of Lindsay as I am (LOVE reading her blog), you miss a little bit of paper and pencil (tell me about it girl), and we are both elementary education. We do have one problem....Maybe I am supposed to be secondary, because I can be a bit sarcastic.

    Thanks for the compliment on my organization. It's a bit of an OCD thing; I have to have everything just so, but sometimes it really pays off! I've learned a lot these past two weeks, but watching these videos kinda makes me think that Dr. Strange may have to teach a part 2 of this class to teach us what we need to know to be ready. Any thoughts on that??? Ha! I'm just kidding, but it probably wouldn't hurt!

    Thanks for reading my blog. I look forward to visiting with you and Lindsay more in the next few weeks.

  3. Christie,
    Brilliant post! You thought of everything! You made a good point when talking about technology in special education that "Holding conversations with family, teachers, and peers can help these students feel like a part of the world they live in". They deserve this. All students deserve the benefits that the use of technology can bring into not only their education, but their lives; their future. All students, those receiving Special Needs services and those who are not, deserve the enriching experience of technology in the classroom! While reading your blog, it reminded me of this video:
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Carly! I expected to learn a lot of computer skills while taking this course, but never expected to be influenced by so many different perspectives of teaching with technology. Dr. Strange's assignments have really opened my eyes to numerous things that I never even considered before. I also appreciate all of the help and support the T.A. staff have offered. I will definitely check out the video you suggested!